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Cluster Diagram Software


Cluster Diagrams,the first step in the writing process, are a tremendous help in for well organized and attractive writing. The software here will help you to build and modify beautiful cluster diagrams.


Here are some examples of cluster diagrams built using the program Cluster LITE.

The following cluster diagram is for a personal letter introducing oneself to a friend of a friend.

Note that there is not a specific way of doing a cluster diagram as can be seen in this example

This cluster diagram is for a personal letter introducing one friend to another friend.


There are a few versions of the software currently available. Choose the version most appropriate for you.
  •     ● Cluster Lite: An simple version of the software, suitable for beginners that runs on all computers.
  •     ● Cluster Basic: Cluster Lite plus the ability to load and save cluster diagrams. (may not run on some computers)
  •     ● Cluster Grand Master Gold: Cluster Basic + ability to order the linear outline + use squares rather than circles (may not run on some computers)

Linear Outline

Once one has completed a cluster diagram, the outline can be exported as the basis for developing a complete Linear Outline using word processing software such as Microsoft WORD or OpenOffice, as seen in this example