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Our Mission: To Enable Non-Native English Speakers to Speak & Publish Like a Native Speaker

Editing Services


The final step in preparing a manuscript for submission is having it edited by a native speaker. If you are working in the fields of Optics, Physics, Electrical Engineering or Materials Science, you may send it to me and I will personally review your manuscipt and carefully correct any errors in spelling, grammar, or word choice (the micro issues) in order to make your manuscipt easy to read. In addition, I will offer suggestions macro issues such as how to better organize your paper to achieve maximum effect and to be consistent with Western cultural norms. After editing, the language in your manuscript will be of suitable quality for publication in a major journal.

If you entrust your manuscript to me, I will seek to complete the editing in three business days. If, due to my personal workload, I am unable to meet this deadline, I will tell you up-front about the length of time I require.

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